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Grid Security Solutions is a single solution to help you address all areas of the Physical Security Standard. Four companies have come together – Pike Corporation, Freeh Group International Solutions, the Procinctu Group, and SOS Intl – providing compliance consulting, engineering analysis, physical security analysis, and construction services covering all of your physical security needs.

Even better, GSS is made up of companies you already know and trust – companies who have worked with you in other areas of the utility industry, complementing your existing staff and giving you the extra hands and resources you need to meet your compliance requirements.

GSS solutions help you work through three important steps:

  • Assessment – How will you determine what physical assets are critical and how will they affect the reliability of the Bulk Electric System?
  • Mitigation – How will you effectively plan to lessen the severity of a potential event?
  • Resiliency – How will you adapt if the unthinkable happens?

Using these three steps, we will analyze all areas of your infrastructure to determine if you have critical assets and the most effective way to protect those assets. We will then develop specific, targeted recommendations to protect your physical assets while ensuring you stay compliant. Experience tells us each utility has unique and specific needs – we will custom design a solution to meet your particular needs.

The full resources of our partnership will be used as your organization needs them. Specific services for the Physical Security Standard (CIP-014) include:

  • Analyzing your assets to determine which ones are critical
  • Determining if those assets are at risk and how to protect them
  • Developing and constructing your physical security solutions, including integration with local law enforcement where applicable
  • Documenting evidence of compliance through every step of the process

With a single organization guiding you through the entire process, you will avoid the need to hire and manage multiple companies. GSS will craft a project management strategy to meet your desired level of interaction and will provide a Project Manager specific to your needs.


Freeh Group International Solutions, LLC

Procinctu Group Inc

SOS Intl